What’s Real?

What’s Real?

Welcome Back to the series on Worldview.   This week I am talking about reality.  But, firt, I must consider, thinking isn’t a subject most people care to discuss or may find interesting. But, as an educator and Christian, I think it needs to be discussed more within the church.  I hope you share my passion.

J.P. Moreland writes about the rise of anti-intellectualism within the Church in his book Love Your God WIth All Your Mind.  In it, he builds a strong argument that the church has neglected the discipleship of its believers after every Great Awakening, spurred on by the emotional and spiritual reaction to the truth of death, life, heaven, and hell.  What he points out is that the Church did not work on loving God with our minds.  The Christian faith is a reasonable one, as much as our secular peers would like to deny. 

Within the Christian faith and the source of Truth for the Christian faith, the Bible, there is a far greater description of reality than our atheist or secular peers would admit to existing.  Christians think about the world as having a spiritual or metaphysical rhelm beyond the material aspects that the five senses indicate.  We acknowlege the soul, Holy Spirit, God, etc…  This thinking or denial has consequence.


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