What’s Happened?

What’s Happened?

A Christian school is (or should be) different in the manner and purpose of its program. A Christian school is designed to inculcate students. Each aspect of the program is designed to develop a Christian worldview within its students. Don’t be fooled, every school is developing a worldview. The question is, how does a parent want their children thinking?

A major aspect of our thinking is where we go to as our base of knowledge. These sources are what shape and inform our thinking. Culture today says that a primary source of knowledge is our personal experience or so-called experts. Each of us can point to instances when these sources have failed us. Contrast this to the biblical teaching that the Bible and God’s revelation is the primary source that determines if every other source of knowledge is truth or lies.

In the not so distant past, we lived in a place where parents and pastors were the primary source of knowledge. The reliability and valid sources used the Bible as the litmus test for knowledge from life’s experiences. Today, it seems that we have little interest in knowledge (Truth) or we have abdicated personal responsibilities over to secular sources, television pundits and shows, and the internet.


Why did the Church and its station in culture change and become so irrelevant or impotent? Why did the Bible and the folks that teach it lose all authority? Certainly, the internet cannot be more trustworthy or the entertainment-based news more reliable. Perhaps the former places of knowledge rolled over to pressure and gave up their authority. Or, did the modern force wage war and win by establishing laws and rules that marginalize Christian thought? However it happened, there is still a source of Truth available to us all. The Bible has some advice and principles for us as to where instruction should first and foremost come from.

The Bible clearly tells us that we have several sources of knowledge that are valid and reliable – always.

John 1:1 talks about the Word. Of course, it is referencing the eternal life of Jesus. He, the Word, has been there since the beginning and will always be there. God’s Word is a constant source.

Nehemiah 8 and Deuteronomy 24:8 expresses the truth that those who are trained and/or a person’s thinking is shaped by God’s Word (pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers) are also to serve as a source of instruction.

John 14:26 we are told that the Holy Spirit is to serve as a source of instruction. God spoke to those who followed Him in the times of the Old Testament. Christ came to the New Testament church until his resurrection and now we are given the Holy Spirit to “teach us all things and remember all things”.

As a follower of Christ and believer of His word, I have faith that His promises, teachings, and example will never let me down. It never has and never will. Thus, we have a source of Truth that should be my primary source of knowledge.

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