What Makes Christian Schooling Christian

What Makes Christian Schooling Christian

Christian schooling is distinctive. Rather, it should be if it is indeed Christian. The ends of a Christian school are different than those of a secular school. A Christian school has outcomes that collectively are intended to glorify God since glorifying God is the purpose of the universe and the humans that inhabit it.

The thought on what makes Christian schooling Christian has evolved over the years. At one time, it was thought that it was the application or correlation of what was being taught with a biblical passage or godly principle. Today, there has been an emerging thought that the setting, time, and process in addition to the other things that happen in the instructional day can be Christian too. I would contend that all of multiple things running simultaneously are what define the distinctive characteristics of a Christian school.

Biblical integration as it is known is essential. The curriculum, discipline, systems, and attitudes must be grounded in the Truth. Yet, this does not fully help a student think Christianly nor does it help a person create a view of the world through developing godly lenses. Biblical integration directly connects the Word with the content and skills. But, face it, there are only so many principles and verses that can be overtly taught in a math class. They need to be taught, but over a PK-12 career, a student my find that God has little to say about math. When, the opposite is true. He has a lot to say about it through how we see mathematics within a worldview.

Worldview instruction is imperative. The way we think is the way we behave. Each subject, content, and action all can be seen through a worldview lens that shapes our thinking. We need to answer the big question in a manner that thinks about it from God’s perspective. How did God create the world to reflect the content? What values should we hold about that subject? Each lens or approach shapes our thinking. If the thinking is clear, then God should be central and glorified by the subject, content, or skill.

However, there is more than the content and the way of seeing the content. There is a matter of the manner or character we have too. Christian schools teach things such as respect, stewardship, love, and servant hood. These are all things that have biblical principles and Bible verse. They are all ways of thinking. However, they all must be taught through the processes used. There are many outcomes in a Christian school that are not specifically addressed within the textbooks and curriculum map. Yet, they’re important to learn and more importantly needed to live a God honoring life. Therefore, the methodology used needs to build the Christian virtues.

Of course, the Holy Spirit has a part. The Bible teaches us how the Holy Spirit illuminates the scripture for us. In John 2:20-27 Christians are told that they gain a greater understanding of the Scrip­tures through the work of the Holy Spirit (1 John 2:20, 27).

The Christian school endeavors to provide biblical integration, worldview development, and Christian virtue building.

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