Ep 3 Guest Tana Landis Pt 2

Welcome to Mrs. Tana Landis from Anchor Literacy.  Mrs. Tana Landis is a literacy coach, instructional coach, and passionate reader of educational research.   We hope that you enjoy the series. This is the second part of a series where Tana Landis of Anchor Literacy and Mark Stanton chat about education matters. This week the conversation centers around learning and what is important when considering the learner, whether it is a child, adolescent, or adult.

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Introduction to “Our Chats”

Transcript Greetings. I am Mark Stanton; and, I come to you from East Central Pennsylvania in the Lehigh Valley. If I may, I would like to take a few minutes to welcome you and thank you for listening to our chats. We hope to build a library of conversations with education professionals, students, and others that would be of interest to anyone with children school age, educators, and those who have an interest in ensuring that the next generation is equipped with everything they need to impact the world in a positive way.As an educator. Rather, a Christian educator, I…

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