Worldview 1

Thinking is the key. Our behavior is an expression of our thinking. Dr. Stanton describes the key to why thinking is essential. Often we imagine any discussion on thinking as a haughty exercise with a bunch of professors and philosophers sitting in the pub over a Guinness smoking cigars chatting or at minimum a stuffy professor asking some non-relevant philosophical question. I must admit, some of my vocationally minded students usually say that this is academic stuff and not relevant to them. On the contrary my friend. It is essential for everyone to consider their thinking. We all do it.…

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What’s Happened?

A Christian school is (or should be) different in the manner and purpose of its program. A Christian school is designed to inculcate students. Each aspect of the program is designed to develop a Christian worldview within its students. Don’t be fooled, every school is developing a worldview. The question is, how does a parent want their children thinking? A major aspect of our thinking is where we go to as our base of knowledge. These sources are what shape and inform our thinking. Culture today says that a primary source of knowledge is our personal experience or so-called experts.…

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Blended Learning

Teaching and learning are so straight forward and yet an illusion at the same time. Everyone has had the education experience; but, that does not make us all experts on how learning should take place. This is often true of our own learning. We do know that learning is about creating new brain pathways that connect the new and old in meaningful ways (Stern, 2005). The challenge is that each individual student is wired differently. We each have unique experiences and ways of conceptualizing the information we are learning or already know. Therefore, we need to constantly adapt the instruction…

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