Christian Teaching

One of the teachers recommended a book, On Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom by David Smith. I was between books so I decided to read it. It was one of those books that really got me thinking. Mr. Smith asked whether the Christian faith not only changed the content of the classroom; but, did it change the actual process of instruction? Christian school teachers, administrators, and promoters of the movement talk a lot about biblical integration and worldview development. Mr. Smith takes it further and says that the process needs to reflect the Christian faith. What a provocative…

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Growth Mindset

Consistent conversations are part of continuous improvement. Having regular and frequent purposeful conversations is what propels a strong culture of growth. It is also indicative of a flourishing school. Having Professional Learning communities and dedicated time and space to develop as instructors is important. Professional Learning Communities within schools look at the aspect of teaching and learning in order to learn more, inspect deeper, and propose improvement. For example, at Salem Christian School, the teachers are in learning communities that investigate: how to improve aspects of the math program; how to be more effective in using the Learning Management System,…

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